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Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin is the master metabolic health hormone that determines your ability to store energy. Your level of insulin resistance is a prime indicator of metabolic health.

Glucose Control

Measurement of glucose levels over fifteen days using a CGM allows continuous feedback on the effect on your body of the food you eat. The type of food and your genetics determine how your body process’s the energy in your food.

Activity & Stress

Currently there are many types of wearable devices on the market that measure a wide range of health and activity metrics. Currently we use the Garmin device however this will be extended to other devices including apple, Oura ring and galaxy.


Genetic Predisposition With extensive research now being conducted into the human genome and how it can affect health there are many predispositions that can be identified for medical conditions. Due to the complexity of the genome and the myriad environmental interactions this science is in its infancy however it can be a powerful tool in identifying issues related to metabolic health.

Fuel Mix

The body runs on glucose or fats. Measuring what that mix of fuel is allows alterations to gain the optimum diet for your genetics and lifestyle. The more metabolic flexibility that you have allows for more adaptability in your diet.

Fat Types

The Omega 3-6 Ratio in your body gives a measure of the healthy fats being consumed. If the Omega 6 level is high this indicates a high level of vegetable oil-processed food is being consumed. This is a major cause of insulin resistance and ill health.

Visceral Fat Storage

The build up of fat around the organs indicates there is insulin resistance and possibly a high fructose sugar intake. This build up of fat in this area leads to many health issues including insulin resistance.

Cardio Vascular Health

Coronary artery calcium (CAC) scoring, also called a coronary calcium scan, is a test that measures the amount of calcium in the walls of the heart’s arteries. This give a very accurate indication of potential for heart attacks in the future.

LDL Fractionation

Lipid types and size distribution is a measure of how well your body is transporting fats in the body. This transport mechanism can be affected by high sugar levels, high iron levels and other factors. This test gives a clearer picture of the LDL, HDl levels than blood tests which which use an indirect measurement method.

Blood Tests

Doctors often run several blood tests which are called panels. The most important panels and tests to give an understanding of metabolic factors are the Blood Panel, Lipid Panel, Ferretin test and Glucose response test.

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